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Olympic Software NZ Ltd

Document Approval - Digitise and automise your invoices and purchase orders

by Olympic Software NZ Ltd

Olympic Document Approval is a powerful workflow tool that automates the process of digital invoice and purchase order capture, and approval.

Simply scan your invoices into the system on receipt, then the software splits and sorts the images into separate electronic documents for delivery into the (email driven) workflow process.

Using Olympic’s powerful iPath Workflow engine, Olympic Document Approval then uses easily customised workflow scheduling and queuing tools to get the right information, to the right people, so they can approve payment on time with absolutely no envelopes, stamps, ink-wastage or human intervention of any kind!

Once that stage is completed, Olympic Document Approval integrates seamlessly with your Dynamics ERP to get the right information back into your financials, again without data re-keying by a bored accounts clerk.

Olympic Document Approval is especially useful for businesses needing to approve invoices across geographically dispersed venues.

Ditch the envelopes, the dedicated paper-sorting staff and the gross inefficiency by digitising the process!

Benefits of Olympic Document Approval include:

-Save trees and cupboard space. With the need to print and store various copies of invoices, raw and approved, now removed!

-Save your staff time. Entering and integrating invoice data into the system is simplified as much as is possible (without the scanner actually reading the handwriting it is copying!)

-Be a good payer. Once an invoice is scanned into the system, managing its payment is digitally automated.

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