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Corporate Renaissance Group
Corporate Renaissance Group

Corporate Renaissance Group

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Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup) is a global provider of innovative products and services that help improve financial performance and increase operational effectiveness.

Using their experience and technical knowledge, CRGroup delivers realistic solutions that encompass Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, business intelligence, financial and costing principles, software development, shared services and employee performance management.

CRGroup Solutions offer a number of Data Automation tools focused on maximizing a company’s investment in Microsoft Dynamics. Our toolset includes Changer, Re-formatter, Company Combiner, AA Tools for Analytical Accounting, PA Tools for Project Accounting, Reverser, Merger Series and Linker Series.

CRGroup Financial Planning and Analytical tools help Microsoft Dynamics customers by providing insight into financial data; determining the profitability of business units, products, channels and clients; and completing budgeting and planning activities. Our financial planning and analytical tools include BI Cubes, Cost Allocator and FlexABM.

CRGroup has an easy-to-use, web-based, all-inclusive Employee Performance Management solution that easily integrates with all Microsoft Dynamics ERP products. CRG emPerform includes employee appraisals, 360° multi-rater reviews, goal planning, competency assessment, succession planning, compensation management, employee surveys, reporting and dashboards.

CRGroup has also recently launched Trend Miner - groundbreaking BI visualization and historical trend analysis dashboards for Dynamics CRM.

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