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LearningSource is a cloud-based SaaS training and event management system for managing, marketing and delivering events.

LearningSource provides streamlined event scheduling, online registrations, receipting, runs marketing activities, and manages client records and relationships (CRM).

At a glance, you can see what events are coming up, monitor registrations, view orders awaiting approval, track platform activity.

LearningSource has a powerful event scheduling and online registration system that will automate manual processes and coordinate training activities.

LearningSource enables seamless integration with your current website, allowing you to promote and sell courses online.

Contacts (CRM):
Store all client information and registration records in one place. Manage key contacts, record notes, and track tasks. Reduce the amount of data entry by letting LearningSource automatically build and maintain client information for you.

Registrations and payments:
LearningSource integrates registration and payment processes from the website directly into a streamlined order-management system.

Software as a service (SaaS):
LearningSource is a managed web-based solution which can be up and running in minutes and accessed from anywhere. New features are automatically upgraded and your data is kept safe and secure.

The LearningSource platform will enhance your business by:
- lowering your costs by automating manual registration and payment processes
- centralising management of your events and customer relationships (CRM) in a single product
- integrating with accounting packages for invoicing and payments
- reporting on key metrics about your events, revenue and trends

LearningSource is powered by Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET, Windows Server, and SQL Server.

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