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Real Time Spot Trading Solution

by Enlighten

Our company, Enlighten Designs, provides IT and design solutions to all kinds of businesses. This solution was developed for Mighty River Power, an integrated energy generation, trading, retailing and metering business whose generation assets collectively account for up to twenty-two percent of New Zealand's peak energy demand.

The New Zealand energy market is heavily regulated by the government, and power companies are required to openly trade power generation on the 'Spot Energy Market'. This trading is done in real time and is a huge source of revenue. Mighty River Power's trading abilities were being constrained by their technology, so they required a single solution that allowed graphical representation and editing of trading offers. Enlighten Designs developed Excelsior to fit these requirements.

Excelsior replaces Excel as a user interface for trading with a rich application utilising Windows Presentation Foundation. Excelsior provides a strong competitive advantage, and has a strong focus on performance and stability.

Excelsior delivers many benefits to customers, including:

 - Faster large block calculation times

 - Increased user confidence

 - Less training time

 - Significant performance enhancements

 - Allowance for traders to rapidly respond to changing market conditions

 - More reliable figures and calculations.

For more information on Excelsior, contact Enlighten Designs today.

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