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WorkPlace eProcurement for Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Paramount Technologies

Workplace eProcurement is an advanced web-based solution that actively protects organizations from excessive or unknown spending in the following areas: Inventory, Fixed Assets, Capital Projects, SG&A Expenses, Services, and IT Procurement. The Procure-to-ERP process adds proven cost controls to your existing or new accounting system. Throughout the procurement process, advanced features, controls and information are integrated with your ERP, providing a seamless solution from request to invoice.

WorkPlace eProcurement for Microsoft Dynamics GP accelerates traditionally inefficient and largely paper-based processes by tracking valuable information, reducing direct and indirect purchasing costs, increasing control over business transactions and streamlining the employee management and procurement processes.

The suite includes applications for requisition, cXML PunchOut, check request, budget compliance, audit, mobile, RFQ, PO generation, receiving, invoice matching, and vendor contract enforcement with approval workflow throughout the entire process.

WorkPlace eProcurement is designed specifically for and fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP and creates 100% compliant Microsoft Dynamics GP transactions in real-time. Interfaces to Project Accounting, WennSoft, Multicurrency, PO Commitments, Encumbrance Management and Analytical Accounting allow you to fully leverage the features in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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