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XERO Connector

by Magnetism


Magnetism specialises in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and supporting our clients to leverage their system for maximum value. As well as the traditional areas of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, we develop on the xRM platform to manage any business relationship.

CRM delivers maximum value when it is integrated with other systems such as accounting software or ERP, thereby eliminating double-entry of data, reducing errors and increasing providing a 360 Degree view of the client. Magnetism has wide experience in such integrations.

Magnetism has deep knowledge of Dynamics CRM and we thrive on solving difficult CRM problems and providing solutions that are beyond the capability of other developers. We have experience in helping other Microsoft Partners and clients solve difficult CRM problems in Australia and the UK.

As well as providing custom systems, Magnetism has a range of Dynamics CRM add-ins which are listed in the Dynamics Marketplace.