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by Kinetique Systems, Inc.

Kinetique Systems, Inc., having identified the common issues and concerns of businessmen when it comes to managing and monitoring finances, have built an affordable yet feature-complete application that could address such issues and that is though BusinessPro-Accounting. 

BusinessPro-Accounting Features: 

- Cash Management. Simplify the tedious reconciliation of multiple accounts with BusinessPro-Accounting. All transactions from your journals as well as your cash transfer automatically update your accounts. Gain control of your petty cash transactions by setting
the maximum values for spending. Transfer funds from one account to another in a snap! The Cash Transfer module allows users to record transfer of funds from multiple sources in one single transaction. 

- Receipts. BusinessPro-Accounting provides you the tools to manage your invoicing, cash and credit management needs. Track your receivables through its reports on aging and past due receivables. Overcome your AR concerns by reducing bad debts and increasing
cash collection efficiency. 

- Disbursements. BusinessPro-Accounting helps you manage your business by giving you the information that you need for managing your cash. With the payables report, you can save money by avoiding late payment charges. 

- Fixed Asset Accounting. BusinessPro-Accounting allows you to record and track your assets to reduce expenses through loss prevention and unnecessary equipment purchases. Record depreciation on assets automatically. 

More Product Benefits: 

Affordable: BusinessPro-Accounting offers affordable pricing scheme. 

Auto-Posting: Save time in recording redundant transactions through BusiessPro-Accounting's auto-post utility. Create a template and specify the posting behaviour to automate the recording of the transactions. 

Built-in Security Control: BusinessPro-Accounting allows you to control who can gain access to the information and program functions to eliminate unauthorized transactions or viewing confidential information. 

Fast and Well-Designed Reports. BusinessPro-Accounting gives you a quick access to the information you need to make educated decisions and produce premium results. 

Database Utilities: Protect and preserve your data through BusinessPro-Accounting's backup utility. Export and Import tools are also available for transfer of data to and from offline sites.


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