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BusinessPro-Retail Management System

by Kinetique Systems, Inc.

Kinetique Systems, Inc., through years of exposure to the demands of the retail business, has built a system that could address
the current issues faced by businessmen and that is through BusinessPro-Retail Management System.

BusinessPro-Retail Management System can provide businessmen with the following:

- Real-Time Inventory Management. All data is shared across all stores, head office and warehouses.  BusinessPro-Retail identifies which items are selling and which are not, helping you keep informed on purchasing decisions to prevent under or over stocking. 

- Fast and Well-Designed Reports. BusinessPro-Retail allows you to go home early and spend more time with your family by giving up to the minute sales and inventory reports for faster decision-making. 

- Built-In Security Features. BusinessPro-Retail gives you the ability to limit access to information and program functions to eliminate unauthorized transactions or viewing confidential information.

More benefits BusinessPro-Retail could provide for your company:

- Manage Inventory Easily and Effectively. Gain important insights on your real-time inflow and outflow of inventory, identify fast or slow-moving items, and be informed on the rise and fall of purchase costs allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions. 
Gain better control over inventory with automatically generated purchase order suggestions based on your preset reorder points. Transfer of inventory across branches can also be done. 

- Easy to Use Point of Sale. Fast transaction and processing. Point of Sale allows your employees to process complex transactions efficiently. Cashiers can also reprint receipts or recall previous transactions. Everything from suspending sale to processing
sales orders - they're all available here.

- Ability to Take Control of your Finances. No more guessing games around sales trends. Our retail software gives you up-to-the-minute sales reports based on your specified date range. Improve collection by monitoring collection performance through the collection

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