VA-50 Kiosk (Virtual Agent) for Microsoft Lync

by EgyptNetwork

Interactive Video Kiosk, a virtual agent system built for providing your customers and visitors with immediate, real-time video access to experts and advisers powered by Microsoft Lync.

A virtual agent video kiosk built for reception, service desks, entrances, and public areas. It does not just greet and welcome visitors but it also provides video conferencing access to your employees and staff leveraging the Microsoft Lync audio and video conferencing capabilities. The VA-50 solution consists of a touchscreen kiosk with an intuitive software interface and is equipped with camera, telephone hand set, and keyboard.

The Vytru VA-50 takes customer experience to the next level by enabling your Microsoft Lync video conferencing capabilities to serve your guests, and visitors and thus make best use of available technical and personnel resources to deliver the best possible customer service and customer experience. With VA-50 Kiosk, you will be providing your guests and visitors with first-rate, immediate access to advisers with face-to-face communication wherever they are.

Certified by Microsoft Lync Ready

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