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Adeaca Corp.

Advanced Projects - Complete Project ERP for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by Adeaca Corp.
Adeaca Corp.

Adeaca Corp.

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Adeaca Corp is the market leader in fully integrated enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with its Advanced Projects Solution Series.

Adeaca was founded with the goal of extending Dynamics AX into a true Project ERP solution. Bringing together Microsoft and Navision (Damgaard) veterans and a worldwide channel of certified implementation partners, we have the deep experience and industry understanding you require in a software provider.

Our expertise focuses on project based organizations within Professional Services, Engineering, Construction, Project Manufacturing, Energy, and Utilities. If your business operates large complex projects, or a large portfolio of projects, Adeaca has a solution that fits.

Project Engineering Industries
Advanced Projects® PME is designed for project centric engineering intensive and manufacturing companies, faced with the challenging task of managing large and complex projects, often with a low degree of project repeatability.

Civil Engineering Services/Construction
Advanced Projects® CEC for Civil Engineering companies provides a single consolidated solution that enables you to effectively manage all critical project components, and provides project centric approach to efficiently managing all parts of your projects life cycle.

Professional Services Industries
Advanced Projects® PSO delivers mission critical capabilities specifically designed for the industry, with a focus on increasing project profitability and resource utilization by effectively managing all critical business processes within a single integrated application.