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Email to SMS Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server - EasiSMTP

by Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd

EasiSMTP is a robust windows service that converts email (*.eml) sent by Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook & other email clients into SMS instantly. Emails are sent to a predefined email alias e.g. where 41234567890 is the mobile number.
Businesses and corporate organisations can empower their users to send out SMS easily through their email client without having to logon to another user interface. Your Microsoft Exchange emails can be configured to trigger SMS alerts through EasiSMTP. EasiSMTP
can be used in 3 areas 1) For Desktop Messaging End users who wish to use email clients (e.g. Outlook or Lotus Notes) to send out SMS. In this method, all the SMS are stored in Outbox/Sent Items folder and users can make use of Distribution List for group
messaging. Users on the Active Directory can be authenticated and allowed access to use the email to SMS function. 2) For System Monitoring Notification For existing monitoring applications (supports paging using format) that wish to
migrate to SMS 3) For System Integration Existing applications that requires SMS delivery via email interface. Developers prefer to use email to integrate the SMS gateway with their applications can use EasiSMTP.

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