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Provance Data Management Pack for Microsoft System Center 2012

by Provance

The Provance Data Management Pack simplifies, speeds and automates the process of getting data into and out of the Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform while simultaneously improving the consistency and accuracy of your data. It lets you quickly and easily source, normalize and import the data you need to support effective IT service delivery and operational management of your client, cloud and data center environments.

The Provance Data Management Pack supplements Microsoft System Center 2012 connectors to give you access to data from other sources, including IT service desks, import and discovery tools, network systems management solutions, user management systems, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories, Configuration Management Systems (CMSs), Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) , and ERP and CRM systems. You can use data from just about any source to add or update Configuration Items (CIs) in the central Microsoft System Center CMDB, including custom classes and properties. An easy to use graphical interface makes it simple to create and save templates that let you automate data import from both files and databases, without coding or extensive knowledge of the CMDB structure. By reducing the need for external manipulation and data cleansing, you’ll also significantly improve the accuracy and consistency of the CIs in your System Center CMDB.

The Provance Data Management Pack adds simple, fast and accurate data import to Microsoft System Center 2012 to support unified management of your IT infrastructure.

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