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    On-premises Application
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    Accounting, Tax Management
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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5
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The Service Management application area in Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision helps you increase the productivity of your service operations and sharpen your competitive edge because you can:
 Place tighter controls on costs.
 Organize your resources for maximum efficiency.
 Profit from existing customers by providing better service levels.
Control Costs
With Service Management, you maintain tighter controls on your inventory. Your operations are more cost-effective because you’re always up-to-date and well informed about the current status of your inventory. And you’re free to make more cost-effective decisions. For example, you can see if two differently priced spare parts in your inventory perform the same function and eliminate the more expensive one.
You are able to pinpoint out-of-date, defective, unreliable, and unnecessarily expensive spare parts and service items in your portfolio. More importantly, you can identify your most cost-effective spare parts and service items at a glance, as well as the hidden spare parts and service items that may be adding unnecessary costs to your operations.
Know What to Do and When
If you want to be cost-effective, you have to plan ahead. With Service Management, you can make good purchasing decisions because you know what orders need to be filled and when.
You can:
 See whether the spare parts and items you need are available when you need them.
 Gather your requisitions so you know what and when items need to be ordered for all your open service orders.
Your employees fulfill orders more efficiently because lengthy and often costly processes are automated. And as your employees save time, you save money.
You gain immediate access to customer contracts, warranties, and service information. What’s more, you spend less time tracking vital information, and you can allocate zones, skills, and service items to match the specific service order.
Organize Resources
Using Service Management, you become more efficient because you have an enhanced overview of your company’s service resources and customer needs. You significantly improve the overall handling of your inventory, employees, and response times.
You use Service Management as a planning tool for future resource allocation, and as a result make smarter business decisions, faster.

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