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Add-on Solutions for Dynamics CRM

by c360


Founded in 2005, c360 is the leading provider of add-on products, industry solutions and development tools for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

With products such as Relationship Charts, Record Editor, Multi-field Search, Email to Case, Customer Portal and many others, c360 continues to be the market leader in Dynamics CRM add-on products. c360 products have been purchased by more than 2,200 Dynamics customers worldwide, representing a base of more than 75,000 users. c360 products have been widely adopted by customers in the High-Tech, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services and Retail industries among others. c360's intense focus on customer satisfaction earned a 97% satisfaction rating in an independent survey.

In late 2011, c360 was acquired by one of the most recognized and successful Microsoft Dynamics management teams. This group of software business management professionals has over twenty-five years of experience in building and managing software organizations. During the past five years, the new c360 team has been specializing in building Dynamics CRM vertical applications, tools and CRM plug-ins. During this period of time they have reached the pinnacle of the Microsoft partner channel and have been awarded three Dynamics Global Partner of the Year awards, as well as Microsoft ISV Software Developer of the Year.

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