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Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRMOnline

by Gap Consulting

Auto Summary provides you with the ability to store information on a parent record summarised from multiple child records. With Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM 2011 you can sum any source field on all related child records and store the result on the parent record. It’s also possible to count the number of related child records and even apply a filter query before storing the result in the chosen field of the parent record. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 does not provide this capability as standard.

The Gap Consulting Auto Summary solution has been designed so it’s available, as a single code base, for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, On-Premise, and Partner Hosted deployment scenarios. It’s easy to install and easy to use. Auto Summary Definition records give you the ability to specify, and filter, your sum or count requirement and pick your target and source fields. There is no need to use the plug-in registration tool, and no requirement to know the technical names of parent entities and fields, relationships, or child entities and fields.

Example Scenarios:

- Count the number of service cases raised by a contact or account and store this number on the contact or account.

- Sum the total sum of all invoices sent to an account for the current financial year and store the result on the account record.

- Perform Average, Max, Min calculations on child records that contain numeric fields.

- Count the number of phone call activities linked to a contact and sum the duration before updating the contact record with the results.

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