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CSSI - Smart Security Interface

by charismathics GmbH
charismathics GmbH

charismathics GmbH

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charismathics has been pioneering the global identity management arena since 2003.

With iEnigma, the company re-invented the smart card, and decade-old visions of designing screens and keyboards onto smart cards finally become reality. Only one set of credentials serves all needs for a digital identity, whether in the office or on the road. The user is in full control and able to manage them himself directly from the phone.

The charismathics Smart Security Interface CSSI is a comprehensive and agnostic PKI client framework. Extremely versatile, it supports all computer platforms, myriads of smart card operating systems and token profiles, various technologies (including Trusted Platform Modules, RFID tokens, GSM SIM modules) and third party applications. Unparalleled flexibility translates into tremendous independence for enterprises from hardware lifecycles and proprietary software schemes, empowering them to combine different vendors of Token Management Systems and hardware simultaneously, thus dramatically reducing their financial investment in PKI infrastructures.

charismathics is offering security products and services for a variety of industries ranging from corporate to finance, from e-government to health services, from e-education to telecommunications.

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