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The Gaso-Line brand is a family of software solutions, developed to meet business needs and requests of various users in petrol station retail business, offering solutions that suit their specific demands. The solutions supports the entire spectrum of processes, from point of sale (POS), back offices systems (BOS) to head offices systems (HOS) and beyond.

The basic element of operations on FS is our software solution MPS+, which serves as a point of sale solution (POS) and a front-end to customer operations. The aim of MPS+ is to provide sophisticated, fault-proof system, yet simple and highly automated solution which can control or gather the data from various subsystems on FS.

The second component is our product IPS+ for management and operations support at country level. Depending on business needs and strategy, it can be used for anything from controlling price procedures, manage fleet and loyalty cards, support mass invoicing, perform centralized procurement, serve as a reporting tool and a backup system for data from country’s FS’s.

The third component is our product Data Mover, which provides connectivity between various systems. Data Mover stands in between as a tool that performs communication among ERP, HOS and FS. It also serves as a data exchange tool for connectivity to partners and suppliers.

Finally, ACTUAL Services complement our products with top-class support for day-to-day running of petrol stations. It includes various levels of services (help desk, on-site support, custom development,...) which together addresses all the needs and requests of our customers.

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