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Dockets for Silverlight - Accounting Client and Task Management System

by MicroApplications, Inc.

Dockets for Silverlight is a client and task management system designed to assist small accounting firms (less than 10 partners) with the management of clients, appointments, and tax-related tasks (called Dockets) during the course of the clients’ variable Fiscal Years. It is task-oriented, in that the functions to be performed on client and docket data are organized as a series of recurring data entry forms, tasks (some of which are automatically triggered by date), and reports, all of which are easily accessible from an intuitive user interface. The home page of the application presents a dashboard of the customer firm’s essential snapshot information in the form of a series of tabbed charts. The application is divided into the functional areas of Clients, Appointments, Tasks, Reports, Maintenance (security login required), and Help (online and user guide). A complete administration section (Maintenance) is accessible once an administrator is logged in, which allows easy editing of semi-static lookup data (e.g., Partners, Employees, Client Types, Business Categories, etc.), as well as access to the user security and roles sub-system.

Docket for Silverlight can be easily deployed onto a departmental workstation or server running IIS 7 or later, and accessed and run on the desktop by any number of client browsers. Dockets for Silverlight requires SQL Server Express 2005 or greater for its data storage, with the best experience being obtained with SQL Server 2012.

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