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AcXess V-Works: An Online Virtual Machine Management Service

by AcXess

AcXess brings you an affordable, customized and dynamic Virtual Machine Lab for all your sales, training, development & QA needs. The Demos On-Demand Virtual Machine environment is perfect for a "live" software experience for a key client or prospect with no large downloads or installs! Your site can also be used as a training & certification site for partners, or for a parallel integration. Use your imagination! AcXess will pre-configure the Demo lab for you with virtual servers on our V-Works platform, then allow you to install your image and manage it for as long as you need with no more "home lab" or Demo Database hassles!

Our customers include Microsoft, Citrix & SAP and they enjoy the following benefits from using our service:

-Improved ROI: No need to buy additional PCs, software or servers.
-Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Our 3rd party hosting saves IT infrastructure costs
-Faster Sales Cycle: Their prospects take ownership and use their solutions much faster
-Access to the "right" information: Your latest data is stored in one place
-Increased Quality: Single point of access to data increases use of "best practices"

The AcXess V-Works platform manages your Virtual Machine images for you, and gives you an "update once" functionality for your demo data. Each demo session is auto-deleted and restored perfectly for the next demo session, so you gain consistency and hi-performance in your "live" software demos. You also won't have to mail out DVD's to everyone in the field, or tie up bandwidth with large downloads of new demos. Just update once, and everyone gets the update the next time they login!

The V-Works Scheduler is great for large, high traffic sites. The AcXess Virtual Machine scheduling engine is a resource scheduler to efficiently manage, and guarantee the use of your time on the servers & VPC environment when you need them. No more confusion about who is working on an image or presentation in the lab! When you have the image checked out, no one else can modify it and you can customize it to your need, then save it for use later.

AcXess "Saved State" AcXess Labs On-Demand also has a saved state option. This allows you to save your work from a base image on a Virtual Machine to your secure account, and bring up your custom image at any time for clients, development, QA, or training, whatever the need.

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