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The AcXess Demo Cloud™

by AcXess


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Phone: +1 (561) 417-7250 x101
Fax: +1 (561) 526-2007

AcXess Inc., is the developer of V-Works the leading Microsoft Cloud Platform for high performance enterprise application delivery.

Since 2006 AcXess has been designing, building and managing the Online Demo & V-lab Workspaces for Microsoft Public Sector and the Partner Network. Since this flexible Cloud Services Architecture is running multiple enterprise software stacks over many thousands of hours for thousands of users worldwide, it can also be used for those who are interested in off-premise delivery & management for Microsoft applications such as Grants360. You can also have the same high performance delivery for your applications and customers.

The AcXess Enterprise-class Private Cloud Services allow customers to meet the mission-critical demands of today’s dynamic "always-on" enterprise.