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Adaptiva Companion for PC Power Management

by Adaptiva

System Center Pack for: Adaptiva Companion
Ver: 1.0

Adaptiva Companion extends Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and System Management Server 2003, helping organizations to lower both the environmental impact of IT and the TCO of desktop computing without compromising business productivity. It does so by:

- Powering off inactive PCs centrally.
- Waking up PCs for scheduled or instant system maintenance tasks: application deployment, patching, updates, software metering, inventory management, and service windows. (Load leveling and Instant actions available.)
- Restoring original power state after task completion.
- Ensuring no user disruption during business hours.
- Providing reporting integrated with Configuration Manager.

Companion has an ROI of 3 months driven by energy savings. With 500,000+ seats deployed, Companion is trusted by 80+ customers in 11 countries.

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