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Auto Publish Utility for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

by Technology Associates
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    Hyper-V, Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Microsoft Office Project Web Access, Session Virtualization - Remote Desktop Session Host, Windows Server... (more)
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In the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management solution, Project Managers can determine when to save a published project. Unfortunately, for many organisations, this means that some data in the Project Server database is not up to date because Project Managers may save their projects, but they forget to publish them. Consequently, Project Web Access views that rely on published information for reporting to Executives may not be accurate.

This utility resolves that issue by allowing a Project Manager (or Program Manager/Administrator) to initially determine the criteria for which a project plan should be automatically published. This works by checking the criteria defined in up to three custom fields. For example, a custom field could be set to project status and you may only want to publish when the project status is set to active.

Alternatively, the custom field could simply be called “Auto-Publish” with the field values set to yes or no. Any combination of custom field values, can be used to determine when and if a project should be automatically published. The advantage of this solution is that it can typically run overnight as a batch process thereby running at times of low server usage, and ensuring the Executives see all relevant data as at close of business the previous day.


- Ensures projects are up to date and published, and therefore reporting is accurate. Low maintenance overhead for users and administrators alike.

- Executive and Program Managers do not need to chase Project Managers for updated information.

- Utilises Project Server system resources during periods of low use.

System Requirements:

The Auto Publish Utility is installed on the same system as Microsoft Project Server 2007. Pricing is per Project Server instance.

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