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AvePoint Meetings

by AvePoint
  • App Type

    On-Premises and/or Online Application
  • Business Need

    Business Process Management
  • Works With

    Microsoft Exchange Server Exchange Server Enterprise 2013, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All

AvePoint Meetings: a SharePoint App for Productivity

• Streamline the Creation of Organizational Meetings:
Easily schedule single or re-occurring meetings within the interface and automatically notify invitees via email, with corresponding hyperlinks to the meeting details and agenda.

• Flexible Meeting Agendas and Discussion Topics:
Allow attendees to propose new agenda items, objectives, and discussion topics as their business needs dictate prior to and during meetings.

• End the Culture of Mundane Meetings and Embrace Team Collaboration:
With a browser-based, interactive display and information capturing features, participants can add actions, notes, and decisions that appear immediately, for all members to view during meetings.

• Fully Auditable Meeting Minutes for Tracking and Historical Search:
See what happened in a meeting, including when it was created and by whom; attendees and participants; and outcomes including decisions, proposals, and actions. With new and improved search capabilities, end users can now search historical meeting instances by action, action assigned to, agenda, attachment, decision, meeting, and note.

• Assignment, Aggregation and Synchronization of Actions:
AvePoint Meetings utilizes the “My Task” feature of SharePoint 2013 by creating “Actions” as SharePoint Tasks so your organization can discover all assignments, tasks, and their relevant statuses within SharePoint or Microsoft Outlook 2013.

• Roll Call Capability on Meeting Instances:
"Roll call" capabilities allow for the automatic creation of attendee lists based on previous or reoccurring meeting instances. Meeting organizers now have the ability to document invitee's attendance as "present" or "absent" for greater organizational tracking and visibility.

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