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Batch SharePoint Scanning for Network Capture Devices

by KnowledgeLake Inc.

KnowledgeLake Capture Server allows you to easily and cost-effectively scan and save documents to Microsoft SharePoint using office copiers, multi-function devices, fax servers, and network scanners.

Is your organization searching for a simplified, cost-effective means to add Microsoft SharePoint scanning capability to any network capture device? Would you like to centrally administer and monitor office scanning, with a decentralized scanning function with a zero-touch install in branch offices? Do you also need a server-based capture workflow for document renditioning, OCR and publishing prior to release to SharePoint?

KnowledgeLake Capture Server is the powerful batch serving software that meets these requirements while running on a light-duty server. KnowledgeLake Capture Server provides all the benefits of the KnowledgeLake Capture product suite, including a full audit trail and metrics-gathering for captured content from any KnowledgeLake capture product.

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