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    Online Application
  • Business Need

    Content Management
  • Works With

    SQL Database, Storage, Windows Azure
  • Industry Focus

    Education, General - Applicable to All

triomis biblios-it is a forward-looking school library solution based on the latest Microsoft Internet technologies. The solution is deployed and centrally managed on the Windows Azure platform. The user is able to access the library system with his Web browser and his internet connection.

Cost efficiency:

The schools save money on hardware and administration. The software runs on a central server and must be maintained and administered only there. The computing power is provided in the Microsoft data centers. As workstation less powerful and less expensive PCs are needed .


You can work with triomis biblios-it wherever you have Internet access. Both in the learning center, library and through the smooth integration of home offices.


Certificate-based encryption technology and a role-based access rights protect triomis biblios-it from unauthorized access.


By using ASP.Net technology and CSS you can adapt the look and feel to individual customer requirements.

The application is free of charge for schools and other education organisations!

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