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Brightmail Gateway

by Symantec

The Symantec Brightmail Gateway solution delivers inbound and outbound messaging security for e-mail and IM, with effective and accurate antispam and antivirus protection, advanced content filtering, and data loss prevention technology. It catches more than 99% of spam with less than one in a million false positives, leveraging continuous automatic updates, global and local IP reputation analysis, and comprehensive reporting to deliver cost-effective protection against new messaging threats.

Key Features:
- Industry leading antispam with 99% effectiveness and accuracy of less than 1 in a million false positives, with continuous automatic updates
- Reliable and effective antivirus protection, including zero-day protection, with the only industry record of over 40 consecutive VB100 awards since November 1999
- Advanced content filtering and data loss prevention protects sensitive client data and valuable confidential information

Comprehensive reporting featuring a dashboard, executive summary and detailed reports demonstrating efficacy and impact while proactively highlighting threat trends and potential compliance issues

Key Benefits:
- Protects messaging infrastructure and helps ensure business uptime and user productivity by reducing spam volume and keeping e-mail secure.
- Protects messaging infrastructure and helps ensure business uptime and user productivity by eliminating malware threats.
- Protects company reputation and manages risks associated with data loss, internal governance, and regulatory compliance. Reduces administrative costs by removing the complexity of multiple consoles, disparate policies, and incompatible logging and reporting, while demonstrating efficacy and impact of messaging security.

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