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Capacity Management Pack

by OpsLogix

System Center collects a vast amount of (performance) data. It uses this data to tell you how your infrastructure is performing. The console will display current views and collect report histories, however without manual statistical analysis; it will not deliver any future projections on your (infrastructure) capacity.

Trend Analysis
Capacity Management for System Center uses a tried statistical method to predict whether or not your infrastructure will stay on the right side of the thresholds you set. It analyses the last six months, and predicts behavior over the next months.

Create properly named Distributed Applications in Operations Manager and/or Business Services in Service Manager and the Capacity Management Pack is automatically enabled for these applications. All contained counters can be included and thresholds can be set: Periodical reports show the predicted states which are created, clearly displaying where additional capacity might be needed. This allows you to react proactively, rather than reactively, to the capacities of your network traffic.

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Review mirror for the futur

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Usefull package with a lot of information and good reporting possibilities

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Capacity Management pack

Reviewed by:AlexOpslogixUser Reviewed on:6/12/2013

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