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Visual App (Industrial Online Marketing Services)

Catalog Explorer: Online Catalog Application & Website Catalog

by Visual App (Industrial Online Marketing Services)

Catalog Explorer is an effective online catalog application to store product and web content. It is designed to organize and sort product information with a user-friendly interface. The interface includes numerous navigational elements which accommodate differing user search preferences. Users have 3 search paths and can browse products, use filters to find specific part numbers or use the complex search tool.

Industrial and Commercial online specifiers require technical data, all of which can be controlled within the easy to use Web 2.0 administration center. Security enabled users can make adjustments and reorganize, add, edit or remove products as needed to suit their industries. Included is the option to create additional users and designate user privileges.

Product and Category level images, links, documents and descriptions can be included throughout the catalog to provide users with additional information while researching products. These elements enhance the look of the online catalog, create user confidence and add considerable SEO value. Each dynamic element is used as an action item to enhance the user experience and help convert leads into actionable sales.

Additional features include extensive content rich product attributes and includes auto-generated filters. Catalog Explorer also offers the ability to create build-to-order product options, where users can configure custom products based on the companies offered capabilities.

The SEO benefits derived from the application add to the depth of the site and are invaluable. Product specifications, cross references details, printable pages and an ability to add to a quote cart are all standard. Meta descriptions and title-tag can be customized for each page while the application auto-generates SEO-friendly URLS for each product and category. URL names can be customized for advanced SEO results.

Catalog Explorer is built on ASP.NET 3.5 platform, uses the Microsoft SQL database services and can be deployed in IIS 6.0 and 7.0. The application is offered by either domain name license or software as a service.

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Catalog Application by Visual App

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