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Centralizing Data to Improve Citizen Service with Microsoft CRM

by Infusion

Infusion deploys Microsoft CRM to easily integrate with the existing Microsoft-based technologies used by municipalities. Leveraging Microsoft CRM, municipalities are able to create a centralized contact centre to facilitate citizen contacts from a number of sources. Several back office systems can be integrated into Microsoft CRM, giving staff a more complete view of citizens' contact history. This helps them access real-time information and deliver the right information to citizens – helping to reduce inefficiencies on behalf of both citizens and staff.

Municipalities can use Microsoft CRM to develop standardized processes to collect, track, and integrate service requests across all its departments. As a result, the municipality will create a broader view of the demand for services – thus helping improve service delivery for its constituents.

The new technology platform based on Microsoft CRM will:
- provide better service delivery without incurring large costs.
- boost responsiveness and improve the quality of service.
- provide the ability to generate reports within a matter of minutes.
- transform the way the municipality responds to citizens by providing a single point of access to all services.
- provide access to information in real-time, which helps ensure that there is less duplication of data and more accurate and updated information.
- allow the consolidation of the municipality's line of business applications into a single development framework.

By leveraging the initial CRM investment and using existing resources to develop other applications, IT staff can also boost the speed of developing and managing new tools while reducing development costs.

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