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CFO Solutions iProval

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All of your current paper based workflow processes can be turned into interactive, web documents with iProval. Using iProval's Document Definition facility nearly any document can be created. In addition iProval allows for integration into existing enterprise systems enabling previously static forms to be dynamic, data driven documents.

iProval documents are associated with a user defined "Approval Chain" which sends the document via email through a series of stages and approvals until it is marked as complete. Since it is web based, and uses email as it's workflow engine, there is no separate application to install and the learning curve is virtually non-existent. iProval's routing history facility tracks each stage of the process while the reporting facility enables users visibility into their document's progress, statuses, and comments.

Each iProval document comes with attachment capabilites, data extract functionality, and a printer ready format. With iProval you can standardize your workflows and approval processes and keep in-boxes from being the roadblock in moving approvals throughout your organization.

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