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City and County Manager with Citizen Service Platform (CSP)

by Infusion

City and County Manager is a Government and end user data and resource management application, connecting critical information from city departments, governing bodies and their constituents in order to improve city operations.

City and County Manager is a one source tool to connect local governments by integrating data from multiple departments. City and County Manager is part of the Infusion Manager series built on the tightly integrated Microsoft product suite, which provides a comprehensive set of capabilities including:

- Database and systems integration
- Business scorecards
- Dynamic reports and alerts
- Process definition and workflow
- Intranet and Internet portals
- Online and offline collaboration
- Document management
- Mapping and location intelligence
- Mobility
- Office integration
- Custom application development with .NET.

City and Country manager provides accountability from elected and appointed government officials to their constituents. Results benefits are enjoyed from City and County administration, the mayor as well as citizens.

Benefits include:

- Automation of manual processes, reducing workload on the part of city workers, in turn cutting costs across all city departments
- Provides a centralized system for tracking citizen complaints as well as action plans to resolve them; the centralized function eliminates overlap once a solution is reached
- Once a complaint is registered, City and County Manager ensures efficient and timely resolution of requests and complaints via a centralized call tracking and routing. This feature is key in building confidence on the part of the constituent that their complaints will be heard and responded to in a timely fashion.

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