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Collective Molecular Environment, C-ME

by InterKnowlogy

Uncovering the Secrets of Cancer
Built by InterKnowlogy, the Collaborative Molecular Environment (C-ME) allows researchers to annotate 3-D molecular images with any kind of document. When researchers are viewing a molecule and want to enter a note, they right-click on the 3-D surface of the molecule and attach a word-processing document, an Adobe Acrobat file, a presentation, an image, or anything else. This “pins” the information in the document to a specific spot on the molecular image. The 3-D images and the related research documents are stored in an online collaboration site, where they are accessible to any authorized researcher.

The C-ME has enabled a faster path to medical discoveries. The team has been able to create a central data repository containing documents in almost any format; researchers are not limited in how they organize data. The ability to link multiple kinds of data to an image of a single molecule makes it easier to organize experiments, collect and distribute results, and speed up the process of uncovering deeper knowledge from experiments in different fields.

The Scripps Research Institute and InterKnowlogy designed a custom solution using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, Windows Vista and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to display cellular, molecular and atomic levels in 2-D and 3-D, while providing tools for annotations.

The result was a newfound ability to link multiple kinds of data to an image, making it easier and faster to send information from experiments across the organization. Researchers now spend less time searching for data and more time developing potential treatment solutions.

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