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Columbus RapidValue

by Columbus

RapidValue is a business process modeling solution based on manufacturing best practices.

Built inside Microsoft Dynamics AX, RapidValue is both for new and existing customers who are looking for a faster, smoother, lower risk implementation and want full documentation of their business processes. Columbus has taken industry best practices and built these into Microsoft Dynamics AX, allowing us to deliver a pre-configured solution straight out of the box.

RapidValue can help organizations:
• Streamline business processes for efficiency and speed
• Adopt best practices where these are appropriate to the business
• Standardize business processes across the organization

The solution includes complete business process hierarchy for Discrete Manufacturing consisting of six layers:
• Phases, process groups and processes which are business focused
• Flowcharts, activities and user procedures that align the individual business process to Microsoft
Dynamics AX
• Predefined databases containing default data and recommended settings
• SureStep+ implementation methodology integration ensuring that the company specific information within Microsoft Dynamics AX is pushed into implementation templates and documentation

The first global AX partner and with more than 20 years in the market and 6,000 successful implementations, Microsoft recognizes Columbus as a top global partner. With this experience, we build solutions on the reliable Dynamics AX platform that deliver value and ROI.

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