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Constituent Manager

by InfoStrat

Constituent Manager helps elected officials track phone, email, and correspondence inquiries and requests. Powerful workflow allows assignment of tasks and delegations.

Other key system features include:

- Constituent case tracking
- Communication tracking
- Emails and document tracking
- Standard mail and email templates for common requests
- Ability to assign and reassign cases to case workers
- Export capability to Excel and Word
- Flexible workflows to allow easy changes as procedures are modified
- Ability to redefine workflow processes using configuration file, without coding
- Advanced security, with record level permissions
- Support for multiple clients, including mobile devices
- Data import tool

Because Microsoft CRM offers an Outlook interface, the learning curve for users is significantly reduced.  From tracking all constituent requests and paperwork status to automating the constituent management document intensive process, many features are built into the Constituent Management System to simplify activities associated with case workflow.

These integration features include:

- Outlook Integration: The Constituent Management workplace is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook which allows e-mail to be stored with subject and contact information, as well as synchronization of tasks and calendars.
- Email Notification: New cases and case progress generate email notification to users. Outlook emails may be tracked in Constituent Management from Outlook.

Constituent Manager is available deployed on Microsoft CRM Online, hosted, or on premise.

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