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Visionary Software Consulting Inc

CRM Rules for CRM 2011 and CRM 2013

by Visionary Software Consulting Inc

CRM Rules 2011 and CRM Rules 2013 are Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on products from Visionary Software. If you like Business Rules, you'll love CRM Rules.

- Designed to help you easily configure your CRM form behavior and customize dynamic forms in a fraction of the time and all without coding JavaScript.

- Includes over 60 Action Types and hundreds of pre-built conditions. Includes everything in Business Rules, PLUS much more such as Show/Hide Tabs and Sections, Create Dependent Picklists/Option Sets, Calculate Date Math, Format Phone numbers, and many more.

Advanced Suite also includes the following rule types:
~ Case
~ Custom JScript
~ Clone
~ Count Children
~ Sum Fields Across Children
~ Return Value
~ Custom Function
~ Filtered Lookup

- Preserves institutional knowledge by storing all business rules in a searchable, editable database

- Protects your code against future CRM upgrade syntax changes

- Fully integrated into CRM 2011 and CRM 2013

- All your CRM forms can change on the fly depending on the data entered by the user. Make your forms come alive based on user input.

- Perfect for CRM System Admins, the Accidental Admin, System Analysts

- VARS save on development time and create a better user experience with the the CRM Developers Site License.

CRM Rules 2013 available on-premise or online.
CRM Rules 2011 available on-premise only.

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CRM Rules Adds Value, Easily

Reviewed by:Marty92104 Reviewed on:11/29/2012

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