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AbleBridge Inc.

EditAble CRM Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

by AbleBridge Inc.

AbleBridge's EditAble CRM Grid is a flexible Microsoft Dynamics CRM add on that allows you to build extraordinary Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms.

EditAble CRM Grids support in-line edits, flexible layout options, in-line controls, Microsoft Excel export, section grouping, sorting, totals and much more.

- In-line / multi-row editing allows for faster access to related records (instead of opening up additional CRM forms)

- Grouping and Summary options supports totals, sub-totals, collapsible groups

- Allows for multiple entity relationships to be represented in a single CRM form

- Advanced customization through EditAble Grid API, JavaScript events and custom toolbar actions

- Supports calculated fields, inline calculations and complex entity relationships

- Dynamic Grid filtering, grouping, sorting

- Excel export options

- EditAble CRM Grids can be added to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM form

- Ability to query any record, even it is not related to the current record

-Inherits CRM Security Model

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