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DiIntegrator Enterprise

by DiCentral
  • App Type

    On-Premises and/or Online Application
  • Business Need

    Cloud Computing - General
  • Works With

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 4, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10
  • Industry Focus

    Manufacturing, Retail

DiCentral’s DiIntegrator Enterprise streamlines the operations of supply chain service organizations, and simplifies the management of important electronic trading partner relationships. Whether you are a logistics provider or a multi-division distributor, DiIntegrator Enterprise is an effective solution.

The problems with the many-to-many model for EDI have always been limited by technology. DiIntegrator Enterprise is a localized EDI Integration platform which allows the user to perform the tasks of multiple parties from one system. By partitioning data into customer profiles and adding the preconfigured trading partner rules to each profile, the administration and maintenance of multi-party EDI relationships is greatly simplified.

Benefits of DiIntegrator Enterprise:

- Enables supply chain service organizations to increase processing speed while maintaining higher accuracy levels

- Simplifies Multi-Party (many-to-many) EDI management

- Improve productivity with DiIntegrator Enterprise’s preconfigured EDI business processes

- Increases ROI by streamlining the customer onboarding process

- Provides unmatched visibility across all profiles for higher level of customer service

- Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

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