DiIntegrator-- EDI Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX

by DiCentral

Software plus Services Integrated EDI Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DiIntegrator’s advanced solution for integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX ensures secure and accurate flow of critical business data. Its built-in adaptors provide seamless integration which minimizes errors, while maintaining import/export visibility. DiCentral’s expertise with Microsoft ensures compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics AX application.

DiIntegrator is a pre-built EDI solution installed locally but managed by DiCentral’s Software plus Services internet infrastructure. This unique architecture allows quick installations and takes the weight off the user for map updates and daily maintenance.

Unique “Processing Agents” within DiIntegrator are designed to manage and manipulate large volumes of EDI data. The increased functionality of DiIntegrator allows you to simplify fulfillment processes and comply with today’s most challenging supply chain requirements.

Previous EDI models required heavy investment in hardware, software and additional staff. DiCentral’s unique Software plus Services business model simplifies implementation, lowers total cost of ownership, and reduces staffing levels needed in typical EDI installations.

Features of using DiIntegrator for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

- No manual re-keying of data

- Software plus Services model

- Seamless path for data to user’s application

- Applies unique business rules and policies of trading partners

- Unique data control and visibility

- Easy to use and quick implementation

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