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    On-premises Application
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    Microsoft Dynamics AX 4, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10
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DiUnite puts enterprise-grade data integration power into the hands of small and mid-sized companies. Additionally, DiUnite provides broad support for data types critical to small and mid-sized companies. It all starts with support for the flat-file format—one of the most widely available and adopted file formats used in corporate back-end systems today. Through DiUnite’s support for flat-files, companies can easily add support for many types of ERP systems. Direct ODBC access gives DiUnite users the power and flexibility of integrating directly with a system’s database, while enhanced XML support gives you access to one of the most widely deployed and used data formats for web-stores and modern in-house systems.

Flexibility Means Getting Your Work Done Faster

Of course, all this power usually means dealing with ETL schemas that continue to increase in size and cause the data integration performance to suffer. Not with DiUnite. Because of its unique XML-based architecture, DiUnite stores its schemas as XML documents—ensuring small file sizes and fast map execution regardless of the size of the map.

Working quickly is at the heart of DiUnite, and that starts with a unique mapping environment that uses an intermediary EXF format—a way of creating one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many maps using the least number of steps feasible, so you can make quick work of even the largest projects.

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