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Dynamics CRM Online Quick Start Project

by Palmetto Technology Group, Inc

The CRM Quick Start Project is a pre-packaged product and service offering from Palmetto Technology Group (PTG).

This offering focuses on the four main modules of CRM that are required to get your sales processes off to a rapid and efficient start:

Base: This module will be populated with all of your CRM users. For a Quick Start project, this typically includes: CEO, sales managers, sales representatives, and marketing professionals. In this module, we will create users, assign roles, define and assign territories, and create and assign goals.

Accounts: This is the main module of CRM where you will keep track of your customers, prospects, suspects, partners, competitors, and vendors. In this module, we will build off of the base configuration to include the key data that is most important to your organization.

Contacts: This module contains all of the contacts that your company wishes to track. Just as in the Accounts module, PTG project engineers will work with your core team to customize and configure the contacts module to fit your specific business needs.

Opportunities: This module contains the ‘sales funnel’ that your sales team will use to manage your sales opportunities. Our standard configuration includes: weighting, sales phases, next steps, and qualification checklists. Your PTG project engineer will work with your core team to further customize and configure the opportunities module to meet your individual business requirements.

Additionally, PTG can import your existing customers, accounts, and contacts directly into the CRM system to facilitate rapid adoption. The customer project lead is responsible for completing the data migration worksheets. PTG's CRM engineers will import the data into a test environment for the customer to approve. Upon approval, the data is uploaded into your production CRM environment.

If the timelines are held by the customer’s core team, you can be fully functional with your CRM environment in 30 days!

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