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Palmetto Technology Group, Inc

Dynamics CRM Online Quick Start Project

by Palmetto Technology Group, Inc

The CRM Quick Start Project is a pre-packaged product and service offering from Palmetto Technology Group (PTG).

This offering focuses on the four main modules of CRM that are required to get your sales processes off to a rapid and efficient start (Base, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.)

Additionally, PTG can import your existing customers, accounts, and contacts directly into the CRM system to facilitate rapid adoption.

You can be fully functional with your CRM environment in 30 days!

CRM Made Easy:

PTG helps you tap CRM power to increase sales and improve business. The objective of CRM Dynamics Online Quick Start is to deliver a solution that lets you enjoy clean, usable, up-to-date customer data that can be quickly disseminated across the enterprise, allowing your organization to:

- Improve forecasting
- Better segment the customer-base
- More cleanly execute and track sales and marketing campaigns
- Create more mutually beneficial relationships with customers and prospects
- Increase ROI at every customer touch point

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