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ElRep - Eligibility & Reporting

by Hanu Software Solutions, Inc.

ElRep - Eligibility and Reporting System for Higher Education for managing the grants, scholarships and access (opportunities) programs.

More than ever, states need to make the most of their education dollars. Now there's an innovative software designed to help them do just that. ElRep (Eligibility and Reporting) is tailored for the needs of state programs that provide extra support for financially and academically challenged students in institutions of higher learning. Developed by Hanu Software, a leading business solutions provider based in Princeton, NJ, ElRep is a web-based, cost-effective, error-proof, secure, time-saving and environmentally friendly system for administering these assistance programs.

ElRep's Origins

ElRep is based upon an application developed for the State of New York's Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP). The HEOP application has already resulted in dramatic benefits for schools throughout New York State. Built entirely from the ground up, utilizing the latest technologies, the user-friendly, highly configurable ElRep system can immediately benefit all state and school systems nationwide. With an annual budget of about $25 million, New York's Higher Education Opportunity Program provides financial and academic support to over 5000 students a year in 66 private institutions of higher learning in New York State.

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