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Energy AnalytiX

by ICONICS, Inc.

Energy Management & Sustainability Software

Energy AnalytiX is a sustainability and analytics solution that helps reduce energy costs, cut consumption and curtail carbon-based greenhouse gases generated by manufacturers, buildings and factories. The software provides standard and user definable aggregations, equations, and normalizations that enhance the users understanding of his KPI’s and goals related to budget, energy and carbon emissions. By deriving meaningful associations between consumption and causes of consumption, and presenting this as concise graphical information in real-time, a user has actionable conclusions he can act on to remedy and improve consumption offenders.

This solution is easy to configure and quick to deploy, and in most cases can be put into operation by simply Plugging-It-On most building automation, plant or process control networks, or electrical monitoring networks. Richly visualized information is delivered to each user role, anywhere, anytime, via desktop, any web browser, or Windows 7 phone, utilizing Microsoft Silverlight technology or Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. Microsoft SQL Server Stream Insight it utilized to achieve very high performance and accurate data aggregation, and CLR support is used to implement the advanced analytical data retrieval.

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