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EnergyControl is designed to capture information about every device connected to your TCP/IP network regardless of OS or platform. This includes switches, routers, UNIX, Linux, Windows, Apple, and more.

By measuring and gauging your IT assets, EnergyControl can help your organization reap the rewards of going green. For example, by using EnergyControl, an organization running 1,000 PCs could save $175,828 annually and reduce greenhouse emissions by 1,300 tons. Specifically, this application:

- Provides best practices for IT energy management and cost reduction

- Identifies and helps you control excesses in power management for your IT devices

- Helps data centers isolate under-utilized servers, develop vitualization roadmaps, and reduce HVAC and power consumption

- Identifies IT systems powered on but not in use

- Offers intelligent, centrally controlled “power down” capabilities

- Provides a guide to a “technology refresh” consisting of more efficient hardware devices

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