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ProModel Corporation

Enterprise Portfolio Simulator

by ProModel Corporation
ProModel Corporation

ProModel Corporation

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ProModel provides simulation technolgy based, predictive analytic software and service solutions.

ProModel Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that specializes in simulation software technology and services for the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, government, Department of Defense, logistics, and service industries. Our technology provides you with the ability to test “what if” scenarios prior to implementation to help minimize cost and risk.

Visualize, analyze, and optimize business processes, as well as project and portfolio plans while you impact key performance indicators to maximize your business results.

ProModel’s high-end tools can model and simulate the most complex business operations. Used extensively with LEAN and Six Sigma professionals, business process specialists can easily demonstrate how changes impact critical business processes with minimum risk.

ProModel operates worldwide and has supported the success of many global Fortune 500 companies.