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Extensible Health Check and Remediation Framework

by Adaptiva

System Center Pack for: Adaptiva Client Health
Ver: 1.0

Adaptiva Client Health performs scheduled or instant health checks, on either a PC or a collection, to help you maximize the success of your computer management services. Proactively identify issues, remedy them and view detailed reports. Extend health checks and remediation mechanisms to ensure an available and updated desktop environment.

Key Features and Benefits:
- 100 percent accountability for distribution and updates
- Reduced cost of managing applications, OS'and PC's
- Centralized visibility and control for administrators
- Independent Monitoring Framework
- Tests End-to-End Functionality: Check actual functionality
- Extensible: Add custom checks, export for re-use and to share
- Health Checks: Scheduled or Instant (26 checks, can be run on PC's or on collections, Auto or manual remediation )
- ConfigMgr/SMS agent - installation, version, service status, site assignment, heartbeat discovery
- Operating system - WMI, BITS, WSUS
- System performance - disk space, CPU and memory utilization
- Security - Firewall, anti-virus and Vista UAC
- Integrated Wake-on-LAN: Wake computers for health check
- Detailed Web Reporting: Per PC and per collection, per health check, remediation success

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