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Falcon Eye Operational Dashboard

by Infusion

Falcon Eye provides organizations the ability to navigate real-time, 3D data across the Web, Desktop, and Microsoft Surface. Inspiring presentation capabilities allow Falcon Eye to serve both as a powerful back-office dashboard and a uniquely branded front-office sales tool.

Falcon Eye delivers a unique presentation platform for organizations of any size. Whether showing real estate developments, customizing villas in real time, or giving a guided tour of of a project location, Falcon Eye on Surface delivers a brand experience customers cannot find anywhere else. Falcon Eye also serves as a unique navigation tool in hotel lobbies, airport lounges, real estate sales offices, or any other client-facing situation.

Infusion recognizes that organizations have a variety of different reporting systems, each with their own unique format and view.

Using a natural and user-friendly interface, Falcon Eye allows users to drill through data and view an organization at any level: city, county, state, or global. When combined with Microsoft Surface, Falcon Eye delivers actual hands-on manipulation of the world and targeted data.

Built over Microsoft Virtual Earth and leveraging the Microsoft .NET platform, Falcon Eye is designed to seamlessly integrate information from a wide range of open formats. Falcon Eye enables users to simultaneously overlay data streams on a virtual globe, allowing them to see the effect of decisions and “what if” scenarios in real time.

Falcon Eye web, desktop, and Surface applications draw their information from the Falcon Server – a lightweight host that centralizes access to data. This installation enables Falcon Eye clients in any location to receive the same view of the data, while avoiding public exposure of the primary data systems.

Falcon Eye supports importing data from a constantly growing list of sources including:

- ESRI Shapefiles & Geodatabases
- Microsoft SharePoint
- Microsoft Excel & Excel Services
- SQL Server 2005 and 2008
- Web Services and XML files
- CAD documents
- 3D Studio Max
- KML /Collada (Google Earth)
- Custom satellite imagery
- Standard video formats

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