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Apriso Corporation

FlexNet MES for Manufacturing

by Apriso Corporation

FlexNet Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from Apriso provides manufacturers with global visibility, adaptability, and real-time control of operations across the enterprise and supply chain network. With FlexNet MES, you can eliminate errors in the production process and increase operational efficiency.

With FlexNet MES, you can enhance the value of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and integrate operations globally across plant and corporate office locations. FlexNet MES allows you to embrace new extended business models and achieve continuous improvement initiatives.

FlexNet MES helps you:
-Reduce manufacturing lead times while simultaneously improve on-time delivery
-Optimize processes through directed manufacturing
-Improve quality through every step of the production process
-Boost efficiency by optimizing materials management
-Reduce Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory
-Coordinate and track all inventory and materials with production, quickly and precisely
-Reduce costs of compliance and production.

Whether your manufacturing assembly is discreet or process based, FlexNet’s power provides you with a single version of the ‘truth’ which can be implemented as a global best practice. With measurable KPIs that may be acted upon, in real-time, FlexNet delivers higher production performance all the way down to the shop floor.

FlexNet MES is part of an operations execution platform that includes a suite of modular applications that can be deployed, modified, and extended to as small or large an implementation as required.

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