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Free SharePoint Project Management Templates

by BrightWork


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BrightWork helps organizations worldwide achieve project and portfolio management success. BrightWork aims to enable our customers to instantly deploy an affordable amount of project and portfolio management, delivering immediate visibility and control.

The unique best practices templates approach, pioneered by BrightWork, allows our customers to start quickly and to gradually evolve by adding more templates and dashboards when needed.

BrightWork is the first and only project management application to be built on every version of Microsoft SharePoint to date, and is recognized by customer and industry luminaries for its flexibility, ease of deployment, and ability to drive real business value.

Founded by CEO Eamonn McGuinness in 1995, BrightWork has offices in the United States and Europe and BrightWork customers come from small to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

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