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GoAnywhere Director

by Linoma Software

GoAnywhere Director is an innovative solution for automating data retrieval, translation, encryption, compression and distribution for the enterprise. With GoAnywhere's intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality, you can easily streamline and secure the exchange of data with your customers, trading partners and enterprise servers.

GoAnywhere will dramatically reduce the need for custom programming and single-function tools which were traditionally required for processing data. GoAnywhere is an enterprise solution with features to support the most demanding environments.

- Simplifies and automates FTP processes
- Connects to secure FTP servers (SFTP, FTPS, and SCP) for protected communication
- Exchanges data with HTTP and HTTPS servers
- Sends AS2 messages with support for multiple file attachments
- Encrypts and decrypts files using Open PGP encryption standard
- Compresses and decompresses files using ZIP, GZIP and TAR standards
- Connects to popular database servers including DB2, DB2/400, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, MySQL and Sybase
- Translates data to/from database tables, Excel, XML, Delimited text and Flat File or Fixed Width file formats
- Replicates data between database servers
- Sends and retrieves files via E-mail and secure E-mail (with S/MIME encryption)
- Allows for centralized control and monitoring of transfers through a browser interface
- Provides a comprehensive built-in scheduler
- Produces complete logging reports (with support for SYSLOG feeds)
- Includes integrated Key Management tools for Open PGP keys, SSH keys and SSL/TLS certificates

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